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GolfRedefined.com has teamed up with the revolutionary new way to practice and improve your golf, GRiP Practice, to offer all of our members a complimentary GRiP 12 Month Membership. 
How accurate is your driver? Check with mygripzone.com!
Click on the image to be brought to the special signup page where you can enter the code you received when you signed up for a membership to GolfRedefined.com.

GRiP (Game Rehearsals in Practice) was developed in Ireland and based on the ‘deliberate practice’ habits of world-class athletes.

Practice under pressure.  Practice your mental routines.  Always challenge your Personal Best.  Track your performance progress.  GRiP is now LIVE in 24 countries.

What better way to complement your GolfRedefined.com membership than to have the ability to benchmark your driver and test how you perform? 

Quite simply your way to the best driver in your bag and lower scores on the course.




BenderGloves.com was created out of a simple idea of wanting more options for golf apparel. The founders were tired of only seeing white gloves and loved the thought of wearing gloves that could match their shirts, hats, or pants.

They figured we wereBender Gloves - Colored Golf Glovesn't the only golfers who might feel this way, and so BenderGloves was born! 

GolfRedefined.com teamed up with BenderGloves.com to offer our members access at a discount to their great line up of sensational gloves!

They want you to look your best while you play your best. Their custom colored golf gloves do just that. 

Several months were spent designing the perfect combination of performance, comfort, and style...and then they added color!

You can wear BenderGloves to match your outfit, golf bag, or just to stand out on the course!



GolfRedefined.com teamed up with Back9Network.com as our media and content partner.

Back9Network -Content and Media PartnerBack9Network, based in Hartford, Conn., is a new lifestyle television network and media company. 

Back9Network is inviting everyone into the golf lifestyle, from those who are already part of the game to those who aspire to live the golf life…even if they rarely pick up a club.

Back9Network was developed as a complementary alternative to traditional media’s focus on professional golf tournament coverage.

Focused on compelling storytelling, interesting personalities and characters, features and fashions, interviews and instruction, travel, gear and so much more, fans of all kinds will want to hang with the Back9Network.  

Featuring free content with dynamic video storytelling, columns, coverage and commentary from more than 30 contributors worldwide, and a modern, clean, user-friendly design, the new Back9Network.com is optimized for viewing and browsing on any device (smartphone, tablet or desktop).






GolfRedefined.com have teamed up with the "Netflix for Ties" to offer our members the same flexibility and value as they FreshNeck.com - TheNetflix for Tiesget with their GolfRedefined.com membership but for their sartorial requirements!

Solving the age-old man problem of hoarding unwanted neckwear, FreshNeck seeks to give its members unlimited access to ties, bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and more, for a nominal monthly fee. 

Dubbed the "Netflix for Ties," FreshNeck carries luxury designers including Hermes, Prada, Versace, and Brooks Bros., as well as emerging brands. 

With FreshNeck, men can get the variety in their accessories they desire, while saving money, time, and space.